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Street on Flickr.

this is probably my favourite star trails photo i’ve taken. the occasional car lights on the street near us added a nice effect to the bottom of the image. it helped illuminate the silhouette of the distant trees and add a nice glow to the image.

using starstax this is a combination of 444 shots sept 26/27, 2014 from 11:31pm until 3:34am - 30 second exposures @ 1250 ISO and f/5.

initially, i was having issues with my sigma 10-20mm lens that night AGAIN not staying in manual focus mode. the lens has no switch for this and the camera’s switch was set to manual. i think i narrowed the issue down to the nikon’s AE-L/AF-L lock button and settings but i’m not sure. i reset some settings and things seemed to work properly again.

you can see my previous nights star trail image here when the focus went in and out - initially i was annoyed with what had happened, but it turned out to produce a unique image.

Focus on Flickr.

well, i’ve never had this happen to any of my star trails shots before…

i set up my camera to take star trails last night, and after taking an initial shot to verify, i set the timer and left. after 34 minutes of taking 53 perfectly focused manual shots, something strange happened…

the remaining 546 shots (from 9:42pm until 2:42am) all of a sudden were all out of focus!

needless to say i was quite annoyed when i looked over the shots this morning. however, combining the shots in starstax like i usually do made for an interesting take on star trails with the beginning of the lines in focus and end out of focus.

anyway, if anyone has an ideas how this might have happened please let me know. it was shot with a Nikon D7000 and a Sigma 10-20mm lens. i really can’t see anyone or anything tampering with it while it was in my backyard… i’ve read about focus issues with the Sigma lens, but none that seemed to apply to my situation. shots were 30 seconds each @ 1000 ISO and f/5. after exploring the EXIF info the only changes i see from the last in focus image and the first out of focus image is that sub second time goes from 0 to 30, and focus distance changes from 6.31 to .251. the focus distance changes again in the following out of focus shot, then remains constant until the end.

on a clear day… on Flickr.

…you can see forever… this time it was from Konzelmann Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, looking toward the Toronto skyline. 200mm zoom from very, very, far away!

money in the water on Flickr.

this yacht cruised by my wife’s family’s cottage on st. francis island. it’s call Unity - 52.3m (171.59ft) - Amels Holland B.V. - 2009
Elena Ford - net worth > USD 100 million - USA
Ford Motor Company - Elena Anne Ford-Niarchos is the owner of the yacht Unity. She is heiress to both the Ford Motor Company fortune and the Niarchos fortune. Elena Ford is the great great granddaughter of Henry Ford. Her mother Charlotte Ford was shortly married to Stavros Niarchos, Elena was their only daughter. Elena Ford is currently Director of Global marketing at the Ford Motor Company.

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